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About Us

About Seco Project Managers

“Who we are”

We are a 100% black owned and managed entity, established in 2003, out of a need in the built environment for black owned project and construction management organisations. SeCo has a diverse technical staff compliment that enhances SeCo’s proficiency and capability. The intellectual resources of the SeCo have history of performance and a level of shared experience that has been harnessed from Individuals who’ have been in the industry for more than 25 years. These experience and physical capabilities provide the chemistry for unparalleled service innovation.

 “Our values and approach on Project Management”

To us project management is a strategic approach and utilization of collaborative tools to separate aspects of developments management from the design, procurement of services and physical construction elements of a project, the core source being to optimise those line functions deliverables. Comprehensive in nature, this method of delivery focuses closely on the overall initiating, planning, control and co-ordination of a project from inception; throughout the project life cycle.

For the years that SeCo has been in business we have provided this successfully proven value add service to developments, both in the public and private sectors. We have the right people, processes, and strategy to put you in control of your projects.

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